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    Concrete Pool Deck Services Houston, Texas

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    Our pool decks, here in Houston, Texas are constantly exposed to our changing weather and our hot weather at that. Summer months can be brutal for unprepared concrete pool decks, so it is up to us to ensure that the right professionals are on the job. If your concrete is damaged, cracking, discolored, has sunken areas, or is just plain ready to be updated, it is time to choose pool deck resurfacing.

    Concrete pool deck resurfacing is the best process you can undergo with your pool deck if you’re looking too:

    • Customize your pool deck
    • Rejuvenate your concrete
    • Restore the integrity of your landscape
    • Redesign your dream surface
    • Create a strong and resistant pool deck
    • Save money
    • Have the surface for a long time

    The reasons for why you should resurface your pool deck is never ending positive ones.

    Concrete Resurfacing fixes issues like:

    • Surface level cracks
    • Chipping
    • Peeling
    • Discoloration
    • Pool chemical damage
    • Scratched areas
    • Dull looking concrete
    Restoring One Pool Deck At A Time



    Choosing to repair your pool deck is the best decision you can make for your backyard landscape. If you’re in the Houston, Texas area, give our professional technicians a call today!

    pool deck resurfacing Houston
    After years of harsh UV exposure and heavy traffic, if your deck has sealer chances are that it has been run down over the years. We use high-grade sealers that cost around 1 dollar to 3 dollars a square foot depending on which sealer you choose. These sealers are most often replaced every 1-3 years.
    Concrete Resurfacing
    Cost-effective and efficient way to restore the look and functionality of your pool deck. This process involves repairing any cracks or damage and applying a new layer of concrete or decorative overlay to create a smooth, slip-resistant surface. The result is a refreshed and durable pool deck that enhances the safety and enjoyment of your outdoor space.
    stamped concrete pool deck
    Stamped Concrete
    Stamped concrete is by far one of the most desired pool deckings of 2019. This is because stamped concrete can take the appearance of natural materials like wood, natural stone or intricate paver patterns but offer the durability and longevity of a concrete pool decking system. With a stamped concrete overlay, you can use more than one stamp to make your deck one of a kind.
    pavers over concrete pool deck
    Pool Deck Pavers
    Contrary to popular belief, pavers can be used right over existing concrete as long as a sand bed is laid before, keeping the pavers from moving around during use. Pavers can be a homeowner’s best friend when it comes to long term maintenance as they are stain resistance, built to endure heavy foot traffic and can be easily replaced if need be.
    concrete pool deck
    Crack Repair
    Cracks are the most common form of damage to a pool deck and sometimes, a full resurfacing may not be required to get them out of your hair. Our team fills the crack, prepares the area up to 6-12 inches around the crack and reapplies the material that has cracked to provide a seamless repair that will be invisible to the naked eye.
    pool deck repair Houston
    Not all damage to the pool deck are cracks, there are other forms of damage like gouges, weathering, and even peeled coatings. Our team has the specialized training to bring your deck back to its past state to repair most damage that your pool deck may have formed during summer or years ago. No matter what damage you may have, repairing it will make your pool deck safer and last longer.
    Benefits of

    Pool Deck Resurfacing


    Read all about the benefits of Concrete Resurfacing.

    Various Colors
    Various Colors & Designs

    With pool deck resurfacing, there are no limits to what can be created with different coatings like stamped concrete and Sundek.


    Stamped concrete can be used to mimic a wide range of natural materials like stone, wood, and slate.

    Affordable Pricing
    Affordable Pricing

    Stamped concretes are affordable than as pricing starts at 8 dollars a can be as much as 12 dollars a square foot.

    Seamless Durable Surface

    With concrete resurfacing, the coating will be seamless and safe while providing a coating that will stand up to heavy foot traffic.

    UV-Ray Resistant

    With integrated coloring and UV resistant sealers, you won’t have to worry about your deck becoming faded during the summer.

    Scratch & Slip-Resistant

    With the natural texture of concrete flooring, your deck will be slip and skid-resistant than traditional coatings or bare concrete.

    Stamped Concrete Can Mimic


    Stamped concrete can mimic the natural look of stone like slate, limestone, and travertine without the expensive price tag


    A tile pool deck can become very slippery when wet but with stamped concrete tile, the deck offers slip and skid-resistance.


    Grains like rock salt can be achieved with concrete stamping when heavy textures are not desired for increased comfort on the deck.

    Acting Like A Shield

    The layer of materials used in pool deck resurfacing acts as a barrier between nature and your concrete, keeping it protected.

    Easy To Maintain

    Concrete based materials offer simplistic maintenance including replacing the seal coat every 1-3 years, sweeping and mopping regularly are forms of regular maintenance.


    Wood stamped concrete won’t require the harsh maintenance of traditional wood decks and are resistant to nasty bacterial growth.


    Stamped concrete compared to natural flagstone is much more affordable as the most expensive stamps are 15$ sqft where natural stone costs 30$ sqft.


    Stamped concrete can be used to transform the deck with a cobblestone texture with dozens of different design options.

    Resistant To Stains

    When sealers are in use, the deck will become impervious to stains and other forms of liquid absorption that may discolor the deck.

    Color Changes

    Concrete stamps have the ability to have their color changed with pigmentations and acid-based to stains to create a like-new finish.

    pool deck resurfacing options
    When a pool deck hasn’t been used in months it is important to ensure it is safe when it is finally used. Pool deck resurfacing allows pool deck owners to install safety features their older decks simply did not have or had worn out over the years. If you want to keep friends and family safe, resurfacing your pool deck and installed safety features like anti-skid could be extremely helpful.
    resurface pool deck
    If you’re looking for easy maintenance resurfacing your pool deck, pavers, and other decorative concrete is the answer you’re looking for. Due to the fact that your concrete will now be protected and sealed, power washing any debris or dirt that tends to naturally accumulate will be much easier. Your concrete will be much easier to walk around on because it will not absorb heat as easily and will be much easier to clean.
    concrete pool deck resurfacing
    Resurfacing your pool deck could not be a more affordable option for any home or business. The materials and labor required for a resurfaced pool deck to look like a brand-new surface are inexpensive and low. Resurfacing is much more affordable and quicker than any other choice you could make when redesigning your pool deck surface.
    pool deck repair Houston Texas
    Brick, stone, and other surfaces can become very hot because they absorb the suns heat but when you choose to repair your pool deck there are features that can be added to help reduce the temperature. There is no need to burn your feet when you’re trying to enjoy your pool days. The materials we use are meant to limit the amount of heat your concrete will absorb, thus keeping you and your family safe.


    Pool Deck Resurfacing Houston TX

    Why should you repair your pool deck concrete surface instead of completely replacing it? Well for starters when you choose to repair or resurface a concrete pool deck you’re looking at a price tag that begins around $3-$5 per square foot but when you choose to completely replace your concrete slab you’re looking at a price tag starting around $10 per square foot, on the low-end.

    As a team with decades of combined experience, we know concrete. We offer low and affordable prices for high-end materials because we know here in Houston, a pool is necessary for many families and properties.

    Our high-end materials can completely redo a concrete pool deck surface and raise the property value more than 15%. Pool Decks create a beautiful backyard landscape that will either be overshadowed by how dull and grey the pool deck looks or will be enhanced by a high-end looking pool deck.

    We offer:

    • Pool Deck Resurfacing
    • Pool Deck Repair
    • Crack Repair
    • Pool Deck Pavers
    • Stamped Concrete
    • Sundek
    • Resealing



    When you’re looking for an update on your pool deck, don’t trust everyone and just anyone, call the experts.

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