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Pool Deck Repair

Is your pool deck starting to show signs of aging? Give us a call to help!

Here in Houston, Texas UV-rays, climate, and chemicals can really have a negative impact on your pool deck concrete, so here at pool deck repair Houston we offer you the chance to repair your deck, no matter what the issue may be.

Figuring out what caused the damage to your pool deck surface is the first thing that should be determined prior to any work being started. A discolored, cracked, or old pool deck can be quite the sore for anyone’s eyes, especially during those summer months. If your pool deck concrete is feeling rough, too hot for bare feet, and simply getting too hard to look at, it may be time for you to consider pool deck repair.

We offer:
  • Crack Repair
  • Resealing
  • Acrylic Pool Deck Repair

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    Types of Pool Deck Repairs

    Why should you have your pool deck repaired?

    Sometimes, the damage doesn’t look THAT bad so why should you spend money on having that section repaired? It is important to have your pool deck up to date because otherwise small issues can turn into large ones. Having your concrete pool deck repaired offers many short-term and long-term benefits.

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    Pool Deck Crack Repair
    Cracks are unsightly and can quickly become annoyingly expensive issues if left alone for too long. Spiderweb cracks are simply ugly but once they go deeper into the concrete functional issues arise, cutting your pool deck’s concrete lifespan short. Repair those cracks and other uncomfortable rough surface issues because:
    • Water in the cracks can encourage mold and mildew growth
    • The freeze-thaw cycle can worsen unattended cracks
    • Affordable, $3 per square foot
    • Cracks left to grow will shorten your concretes lifespan forcing an expensive replacement
    • Not all cracks are the same and should be checked by a professional
    pool deck crack repair
    Pool Deck Coating Repair
    If you’re getting tired of your pool deck surface and are in need of a major change, we can help repair your pool deck coating. Sometimes it starts to chip, peel, or discoloration begins to take hold of your surface! Whatever the case may be, we can help.
    • Add texturing for a comfortable barefoot feel
    • Slip-resistant qualities
    • Decorative coatings can replace color, design, and pattern
    • Overlays provide new and exciting options for pool deck surfaces
    • Acrylic pool deck repair creates cool and safe surfaces because it does not absorb heat
    • Resistant to UV-rays
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    Pool Deck Resealing
    Clients always ask if sealing a concrete pool deck is truly a necessary step in owning a concrete pool deck, the answer is yes. It is necessary to seal off concrete because as durable as the surface material is, concrete alone will not last long. Concrete is a porous surface that can’t help but absorb all that comes its way and without properly being sealed can be damaged quickly and easily.
    • Protects against discoloration
    • Protects stamped concrete surfaces
    • Does not allow premature fading
    • Protects against pool water chemicals
    • Scratch and heat-resistant
    • Prevents damage from the freeze-thaw cycle
    Houston, Texas

    Benefits of Pool Deck Repairs

    So, what are the benefits of repairing your concrete pool deck?
    concrete resurfacing
    Safe Pool Deck Surface
    When it’s time for friends and family to enjoy the summer months in the backyard pool, you want it to be safe for everyone of all ages. Pool safety is much more than just knowing how to swim, it also has to do with everyone’s bare feet! Pool deck repair creates a safe surface by:
    • Being anti-skip even when wet
    • Not absorbing UV-rays, preventing the surface from heating up
    • Seamless, to avoid tripping
    • Smooth concrete which helps comfort for more delicate feet
    concrete pool deck
    Pool Deck Maintenance
    Maintaining a concrete pool deck that has been repaired is much easier than trying to maintain one that is falling apart. Once your pool deck has been resurfaced or smaller issues have been repaired, your surface becomes much easier to clean and keep clean.
    • Simple power washing can sanitize the surface
    • Perfectly sealed concrete does not break down
    • Sweep up any lingering dirt or debris
    pool cool deck repair
    Quick and Affordable Pool Deck Repair
    When you need to redecorate your pool deck it is important to know you don’t need to spend a fortune. Pool deck repair projects allow you to save money and time:
    • A better option than completely replacing the surface
    • Fewer materials used leading to a quicker installation
    • Eco-friendly

    Pool deck repairs, do you need them?

    Don’t be fooled, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a pool deck repair, give us a call for more information.
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