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Stamped Concrete

Your pool deck is important to the overall look of your backyard

A concrete pool deck doesn’t and shouldn’t confine you to a standard grey surface! Concrete can and should be fun. Our professionals here at Pool Deck Houston know exactly how to transform your previously pool deck into one of eye-catching beauty.

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    Stamped Concrete Benefits

    Some incredible benefits

    It is clear that when it comes to your pool deck stamping is superior to other choices! Stamped concrete is a quick and efficient way to transform your backyard from a standard pool deck into an incredible pool deck!

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    With other materials, you get what you get and it’s obvious what you got! Our professionals can manipulate their techniques to transform your normal concrete deck and make it resemble different types of natural stones, flagstone, brick, tile, and even turn the surface so it resembles a wood deck! The truth is, stamped pool deck concrete lasts longer than the materials it is mimicking!
    • Brick
    • Stone
    • Tile
    • Wood
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    Have you ever noticed that when there is space between tiles or stone the little weeds that you either have to keep starring at or you constantly have to be spraying or pulling? When you opt for stamped concrete with our team that is not an issue that will arise in your backyard! Our concrete is one big slab that is designed to appear like it is separate pieces. This illusion allows your surface to resist weeds growing onto the surface of your pool deck.
    • No weeds
    • No weed killing spray
    • No need to pull weeds
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    One of the biggest and most noticeable details about stamped concrete pool decks isn’t just its beauty but the effortless installation! Our professionals can install a stamped concrete pool deck quickly and easily without invading your space or squandering your routine for long periods of time. Installation is a matter of:
    • Mix the content
    • Pour the content
    • Stamp the content
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    Types of Stamped Concrete

    What are some of the most popular ways our clients have used stamped concrete for their pool decks?
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    Stamped Concrete VS Brick
    Compared to a brick pool deck surface stamped concrete is much more affordable to install! Bricks have to be installed one at a time whereas pouring and stamping concrete is one large step after the other. An even bigger advantage is the fact that stamped concrete can withstand damages caused by pool chemicals, constant sun exposure, and is much easier on bare feet.
    • Avoid time-consuming preparation
    • Install quickly and efficiently
    • Color and designs vary
    • Lower costs and longer lifespans
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    Stamped Concrete VS Tile
    For a pool deck, it is important to have a surface that is resistant to not only the pool water chemicals but to slippage. With tiles, it is much more likely to have an accident than it is with concrete that has been made slip-resistant. Concrete is a much eco-friendlier option because of its long lifespan and its easy maintenance.
    • Less cleaning materials
    • More resistance to damage
    • Longer lifespan
    • Eco-friendly
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    Stamped Concrete VS Pavers
    One of the biggest and most popular reasons our clients opt for stamped pool deck concrete is because of its cost! We offer an incredible price for our stamped concrete pool deck surfaces. Pavers are simply more expensive because they take longer to install.
    • Quick installation
    • Affordable prices
    • Long lifespan

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