5 Tips to Care for

Your Concrete Pool Deck

We know plenty of you are looking forward to all the time you’ll spend in and around your pool this Summer. Backyards and pools are going to play a new role in bringing people together as we get through the current pandemic. As you brush off the debris and pull back the pool cover, however, you might notice some wear and tear to the surrounding deck.

While it’s tempting to push off any maintenance, repairs, or cleaning for another season, there is no time like now to give this space the attention it needs. You can either do the work on your own or hire it out, either way, we have compiled the five most important things to do to care for your pool deck.

Pressure Wash and Evaluate

First, get the space clean so you can evaluate if any issues are present. Not only is this a good maintenance habit every month or two, (with a standard garden hose) but it will also reveal problems that need addressing. Debris will build up in cracks and hide in underlying spaces within your concrete, so clean it well and get the whole picture. You can pressure wash the deck space a couple of times a year to keep things like staining and algae growth to a minimum.

From there, you’ll want to walk the space and take note of any cracks, buckling, lifting, or sinking that is occurring. Outdoor elements and weather play a significant roll in breaking down pool decks regardless of age. If your pool deck is a decade old or just installed a week ago, inspection is still key in detecting problems early.

Correct Misleveled Concrete

Cold weather will make the concrete contract causing it to lift or buckle. Warmer or wet weather might flush out the soil under your concrete causing it to sink. Either way, you’ll want this issue corrected. While you can do this work on your own, we don’t advise it. It’s a tough job and worth hiring professionals to handle it for you, so it doesn’t happen again.

Repair Cracking Concrete

Age and weather are typically the culprits of cracking concrete. Most homeowners believe this is normal and is just the way concrete reacts to the environment. In reality, a professional team can install your concrete pool deck so this doesn’t happen to begin with. While nothing is fail-proof, concrete professionals who are trained can help ensure you’re not spending money down the road to correct a bad concrete job.

Smaller repairs may require some simple filling in or a skim-cots of concrete. However, if the cracks are deteriorated and cause lifting, you may want to get it evaluated. There are kits online and at most major home improvement stores that can help you correct cracking concrete. We suggest, do your research before attempting to mix and apply concrete products.

Use Sealants and Protective Coatings

Ideally, you’ll want your new or existing pool deck to last you as long as you own your home. The only way that is going to happen is if you put your pool deck on a sealant schedule. You can do this seasonally, which will keep the concrete strong and protected from chemical pool water and stains. Sealants can prevent environmental factors from overtaking your concrete such as hard water staining, moss growth, or persistent mildew.

Concrete is a porous material that attracts and even creates its own moisture. A sealant will negate some of these factors and keep your concrete looking vibrant and well maintained. Sealants will also keep your concrete from “peeling.” You may have seen this on yours or other pool spaces where the top layer looks like it is flaking off. This happens as the pool deck is exposed to expanding and contracting over time.

Get a Concrete Pool Deck Partner

Finally, concrete pool decks can give homeowners grief if they are busy professionals or those who are less hands-on when it comes to maintenance. We suggest building a professional relationship with a concrete professional who can walk you through various projects or evaluate issues that might pop up over time. Companies like ours are a wealth of information when it comes to pool decks and are happy to help when you have questions.