How To Know Your

Pool Deck Needs To Be Resurfaced

pool deck resurfacing

Pool decking is one of the most elegant and functional add ons a homeowner can install around their existing pool but just like anything else in construction, there will be times where you need to revisit the decking with a process called pool deck resurfacing. Thankfully, pool decking is one of the easiest structures to identify when things start to go wrong. In the case that you don’t know what pool deck resurfacing is meant to handle, we are going to be covering the most common reasons why homeowners across the country have performed pool deck resurfacing. You can find everything you need to know down below!

Reason 1- Cracks

pool deck repair

One of the most common reasons why homeowners have performed concrete pool deck resurfacing is because of cracking concrete. While the coating on your concrete will keep it protected from weathering and the corrosive pool cleaners but concrete will always be prone to cracking, no matter how high quality it may be. While larger cracks that break through the entirety of the concrete cant be repaired with resurfacing, smaller hairline cracks that span throughout the deck and spalling can be repaired with relative ease. If you are unsure if your deck can be repaired with resurfacing, give a contractor a call for a second opinion.

Reason 2- Change The Appearance

Not all reasons for pool deck resurfacing has to be because the decking has become damaged, resurfacing can be done if you simply have grown tired of the appearance of your decking. In most cases, you will end up buying a home with the deck already installed, limiting the amount of customization that you can perform. Pool deck resurfacing is basically grinding down the top layer of overlayed material to bare concrete and replacing it with a new coating. This means you will have access to install a wide array of decking materials when you choose the right contractor like stamped concrete overlays, decorative stains, and even sprayed coatings.

Reason 3- Wear And Tear

We all know how hot it can get in Houston in the Summer and in most cases, the only way out of the heat is by using the pool. Over time of heavy use, the deck can become worn down and thus unsafe to use in most cases. When the coating becomes worn down it won’t reflect heat properly, will become slippery and won’t look as well as it should. With resurfacing, you can replace that material, bringing back the safety features and appearance the deck once had. For example, a resurfaced pool deck that uses Kool Decking can be up to 30 degrees cooler than an aged deck with the same coating!

Reason 4- Selling Your Home

We know that putting work into your home can be an iffy task because you won’t get to use the things you have fixed for long. But, one of the best things about pool deck resurfacing is that the process can actually add value to your home. On average, realtors that have sold homes with freshly resurfaced pool deck have received up to 10-15% of increased value when the deal has closed. This means that the average pool deck resurfacing job can warrant a 70-80% ROI!